5 comments on “GoPro Hero Modification for Audio

  1. Hmm, they do make a second housing that has a hole all along the side to allow for plugging into all the various jacks. I have one. Funny enough, when i bought mine back in October 2011 was in a rush and didn’t have time to locate said housing, so i drilled a hole in mine like you did for an external mic. Works great, but my problem continues to be crackling audio. not sure what’s causing it, i’ve changed mics and cables and it just crackles at low frequencies. I record exhaust notes of vehicles, and when the cars are not making much noise (idling), the auto gain turns up so high it sounds like it’s clipping. not sure what to do, i’ve even had GoPro replace the camera and it still happens.

    • I saw that housing. The issue I had with it is that the slots for extra cables seemed too exposed to the elements. I really wanted something that was a much tighter fit for the cable to minimize ingress of dust and rain.

      I have also had some issues with crackling audio. I found that turning the plug inside the jack sometimes helps eliminate the crackling. Other times it is a bend at the plug where the cable is inserted that causes issues. Whatever it is, it is flakey and happens on all three of the GoPro Hero2 cameras I have. Audio through an external mic does not appear to be a Hero2 strength and I have had to resort to a separate digital audio recorder mounted next to the GoPro, sometimes using a K-Tek Norbert.

      Thanks for the comments – this is a good discussion. I wonder what GoPro has to say about this?

  2. Nice work on this. I was very surprised that the GoPro housing doesn’t have an access for for headphones when using the touchscreen bacpac too. :-(

    On audio I’ve been trying to get decent sound using a JuicedLink DT454 plus radio mic but it comes out really bubbly and unusable, Sounds fine when monitored through the headphones but on playback is shocking.

    I didn’t want to need to sync up audio using a separate audio recorder. I was wondering you may have some insight.

    • I had similar issues. The GoPro2 has some notorious issues with audio and I recently migrated over to GoPro3’s (the black ones). The sound quality is a great deal better and recording is more reliable. For a while I was also trying to avoid using a separate audio recorder in many situations. In certain circumstances it is impractical. However, ultimately, recording on something like a Marantz PDM620 and synching with Plural Eyes gives me the professional audio quality I really need.

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